Our Story The Histroy behind Breathaleyes

BREATHALeyes was born for one primary reason, to provide you with all of the latest news and information related to the Breathalyser industry. It was one Father’s Day when we, just like you are at the moment no doubt, begun the search for a quality breathalyser. We didn’t want to buy crap and despite our best Google efforts, we were constantly landing on webpages which contains suspect and at times down right wrong advice. Not too mention the number of sites which contained clearly false reviews. That is why we decided to start our own blog which will hopefully becomes the internet’s single source of truth for breathalyser reviews and news.

There is actually a fair bit of science behind a good breathalyser and being able to spot a quality product from a cheap piece of garbage can be difficult, particular when some vendors try to confuse customers with too much technical jargon. We cut through all the rubbish and provide you with the latest facts and figures. No fluff, just the exact information you need to make informed breathalyser purchasing decisions.