Your Eyes Can Reveal Your Intoxication

BreathalEyes offers customers rapid, accurate, secure, and inexpensive blood alcohol readings on your smartphone through technology founded on Nystagmus measurements to support safety and health.

BreathalEyes, Inc. is honored to be chosen for HealthWildcatters’ incubator class of 2014. The mentorship-driven healthcare seed accelerator runs the only health-tech focused accelerator program in the Southwest. It will allow BreathalEyes to realize its full potential in expanding its standalone smartphone app that tests intoxication levels accurately, non-invasively, and in real-time via involuntary pupil fluctuations. We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to all HealthWildcatters has to offer.

With this announcement we are also launching our new website, so please bear with us as we add more content in the coming weeks. In the meantime please take our survey, we will be awarding a $25 amazon gift card every week to participants. More updates coming soon, stay tuned.

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Stay Safe With BreathalEyes

A mobile app to make sure you stay on the right side of the law!

Mobile App

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, but sometimes it is hard to know what to look for. Now you can use your phone to test yourself and your friends before any trouble happens.  With the power of our HGN test on your phone, you can learn about the effects of alcohol on  not just your Blood Alcohol Content, but on your body overall. 

BreathalEyes is an affordable way to understand one’s own intoxication limits, to support personal responsibility, and to promote alcohol safety and awareness. We are here to help.


Safety First

BreathalEyes is here to help people understand the effects of alcohol on their bodies and to make smart choices when drinking.



Recording of the eyes’ involuntary movement and our proprietary HGN algorithms allow BreathalEyes to measure BAC like never before.


Ease of Use

Simple instructions put the power of the HGN test on your phone. Test your friends as police do, but do it before bad choices are made.



Can be used anywhere, anytime, on anyone.

Please contact us at with any additional questions or feedback