BreathalEyes offers rapid, accurate, and secure blood alcohol readings on any smart device, from smart phones to tablets to laptops and PCs. Our technology is unique because it is founded on 40 years of scientific research proving the correlation between Nystagmus and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Use of our technology by drivers of all vehicle types can help reduce the number of accidents and deaths caused by drunk driving.

Your Eyes Can Reveal Your Intoxication

Stay Safe With BreathalEyes
Save Lives, Save Money

Mobile Technology

With the power of BreathalEyes’ technology on their smart phone, drivers can measure intoxication levels anytime anywhere without needing additional devices. BreathalEyes can support personal responsibility, promote alcohol safety and awareness, and help drivers avoid a DWI conviction that can run into thousands of dollars.

Safety First

BreathalEyes can reduce drunk driving through its patent pending technology that uses the eye to test for intoxication. Our technology can be deployed on a smart phone, tablet or pc, and can include facial recognition to identify the person being tested. 


BreathalEyes adds intoxication assessment to telematics devices which do not currently have this capability (like the Progressive "Snapshot "device). Our next generation technology and real-time transmission of results communicates with insurance companies to help drivers reduce their premiums by always driving sober. With BreathalEyes, car breathalyzer (Ignition Interlock Devices) companies can reduce hardware, recalibration, and data download costs, a significant improvement from current requirements that have clients bringing devices to service centers for data recalibration and results downloads each month.


BreathalEyes’ technology of the future thrives in the world of connectivity where other archaic intoxication-assessment devices do not. By blending our technology with telematics, we enable drivers, family members, truckers, fleets, and insurance companies with ongoing and continuous data access. 

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